The journey to where we are

The more I read, and the more I try to lead a better life, the more convinced I become that our journey to God (or however you might want to describe it) is not one of going to something, but rather discovering what is already there. It’s as though what we are seeking is already present in every blade of grass, in the wind, in a drop of water, in the warmth of our soul.

Sometimes we get a sense of that presence before it evades us, like a dream that fades from our memory after we awake. But then we sense it again when we read a poem that speaks the truth to us, hear music that touches our heart or a painting that we can’t stop looking at. It’s as though we seem to know when something is ‘right’ or when something is calling to us. It also seems sometimes as though that call is to ourselves alone. I know it sounds fanciful, but I do believe that the whole of creation could be compared to an unfathomably complex and beautiful symphony in which we are all (and by that I mean all the myriad forms of creation) asked to contribute our own particular note. The truly amazing thing is that without our unique contribution (no matter how insignificant we may think it to be) that symphony would not reach it’s ultimate expression.

I imagine that is why so much is made of us staying in the present moment and allowing God to come to us. By being present we hope to become as one with everything, and that connection makes us whole. All we can do is the best we can, to try to discern what our hearts tell us and respond to the truth that resides within us. I suspect it is the only guide we ever really need.