Sergio Larrain


This image is intended as a tribute to Sergio Larrain, one of my favourite photographers. I particularly like Larrain’s image Passage Bavestrello which he took in Chile in 1952 and reconstructed it in a simplified fashion using techniques (such as the use of photographs of textured surfaces) I have employed in my other digital compositions. To see the image I based this work on and a discussion on the merits of Larrain’s work in general please see my blog post ‘A State of Grace’.

A state of grace - the photography of Sergio Larrain

It seems that some photographers have the capacity to enter a special state and produce works of wonder. They can somehow see what we struggle to, and,seemingly without effort, produce work of ineffable beauty. Sergio Larrain (1931-2012) was one of those photographers, in my view one of the greatest that ever lived. One his most oft repeated quotes is also one of the most revealing and profound: A good picture is born from a state of grace.