present moment

Every present moment

The importance of the present moment is talked about so much these days that sometimes I fear it is simply becoming a buzz word - that some see it as an aspect of “new age” spirituality or a thing only recently thought of. In fact it can be found at the heart of every religious tradition. It is almost as though at the present moment time stops and eternity can be glimpsed.

The journey to where we are

The more I read, and the more I try to lead a better life, the more convinced I become that our journey to God (or however you might want to describe it) is not one of going to something, but rather discovering what is already there. It’s as though what we are seeking is already present in every blade of grass, in the wind, in a drop of water, in the warmth of our soul.

Too many strawberries

There is a famous Zen Buddhist story that tells of a man being pursued by a ferocious tiger. He naturally runs away but presently finds himself trapped at the edge of a steep cliff. As the tiger approaches ever closer the man spots a vine hanging over the edge and, realising this is his only way to safety, grabs it and starts to lower himself down. About half-way he notices to his horror that at the bottom of the cliff there is another tiger, equally ferocious, waiting for him.