The fountain

The man was shown into an old garden. It was overgrown with weeds and the plants had long since died away. The ground was hard and dry and as they moved through the tangled weeds his companion pointed out something practically hidden in the undergrowth. As they drew closer the man realised the ground around the structure was a little damp, and the grass around the base was greener than elsewhere.

Everything we do

Every so often you come across some words that really pull you up short and make you think. The following, often attributed to the Lakota people made me do just that: Let everything you do be your religion and everything you say be your prayer. I don’t know if the saying actually originated with the Lakota (please let me know if you do) but I can think of no greater challenge for anyone trying to lead a good life and no stronger admonishment for those whose actions belie their beliefs.

Mary's funeral

I went to Mary’s funeral on Monday. The priest said that it was a ‘good funeral,’ a funeral where the life of the person shone through and inspired those who attended. It certainly felt like that to me. In the last two weeks of her life Mary went to live with her sister and in her eulogy she said that she wanted to pass on the importance of two things - make sure you tell people you love that you do love them - and remember to smile.