Patient faces that quietly admonish

Last night I had a dream. I must have been in a car and passed what I knew was an abattoir. A dark and deep foreboding possessed me and shortly after driving past I saw a livestock lorry up ahead. I didn’t want to look at the lorry in case I saw the animals but felt compelled to do so. I was relieved that even though I could see in the back of the lorry no animals were visible. I thought at first that they had been butchered and the meat was being stored. My relief was short-lived however as when I saw the lorry from the side I saw the animals as though flattened (a little like those Assyrian wall reliefs) but still alive - black and white cows but much bigger. There were about three of the beautiful animals standing in a line down the side of the lorry and at first I was unsure whether they were alive or not as they were so still. I realised they were when the last cow in the line licked just under the eye of the middle one. A sadness and dismay overcame me and I woke up.