Digital Composition


This image is intended as a tribute to Sergio Larrain, one of my favourite photographers. I particularly like Larrain’s image Passage Bavestrello which he took in Chile in 1952 and reconstructed it in a simplified fashion using techniques (such as the use of photographs of textured surfaces) I have employed in my other digital compositions. To see the image I based this work on and a discussion on the merits of Larrain’s work in general please see my blog post ‘A State of Grace’.

Creating the composite 'Mariabronn'

As well as being a keen photographer, I have also more recently taken an interest in creating photo composites. I won’t repeat what I’ve already written about this art form, but would recommend anyone interested to have a look at my reference post on this subject. I hope you find the background and links to resources interesting. What I wanted to do in this post is talk a little more about he process I went through in creating my latest composite which I have entitled ‘Mariabronn’ (the name of the monastery in the book upon which I based my work).

Photographic compositing - an introduction

Any reader of this blog will be aware of my interest in the photo composite as an art form, and it is certainly an area I wish to develop personally and write about more. This post is intended both as my “central reference” about photo compositing, and an account of my journey in trying to employ the technique in my own creative expression. I hope that it will be both interesting and useful for others.