Book Review

A walk in Suffolk

I recently enjoyed an early morning walk near Minsmere in Suffolk. The land was touched with a heavy dew and the silence seemed deeper than usual, the bird song louder, my presence more accepted. The stillness encouraged the recognition of connectedness, and it seemed that my sense of awareness and anticipation, time itself, was more luminous and authentic. I am sure many of you will recognise the feeling I am trying to explain and would seek, as I do, to encourage its presence in their life.

Wonder, respect and humility. A book review.

Professor Howard Zehr is known widely for his extensive work on Restorative Justice, and is the author of a number of books one of which, ‘The Little Book of Contemplative Photography, Seeing with wonder, respect and humility’ is the subject of this review. I have been increasingly drawn to this approach to photography (the subject of future posts), and Zehr’s book has heightened that interest still further. His own reason for writing the book reflects my own interest in pursuing the goal of Contemplative Photography:

I have written this book in part to encourage myself to slow down, to heighten my imagination, to renew myself while I gain a new view of the creation and the creator.